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Coming Soon (ish): The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

15 Apr

If, like me, you are a) too old to be watching the MTV Movie Awards, b) too busy watching Game of Thrones and Mad Man to watch, and c) just not interested in the loudness and Selena Gomez-ness anyways, then you missed the new trailer for Catching Fire, the second Hunger Games movie which comes out in November (hence the soon-ish in the title).

Though we’re in for a long wait until November 22, I for one am completely content to start getting pumped up for this movie now, as it’s probably going to be awesome!

Are you as psyched as I am for THG: CF to come out? Can you bear the 6+ month wait until it hits theaters? Leave ’em in the comments!


In Theater: Crazy, Stupid, Love.

30 Aug

Yes, I know this movie came out roughly a month ago, but you know what? It’s still playing, and I’m still going to blog about it. So there.

Still reading? Awesome!You will be handsomely rewarded. So Crazy,Stupid, Love. ? Is great. Do I think it’s a best picture contender? Sadly, that’s a negative. However, it is a FUN movie. The characters seem real and are funny, despite dealing with some depressing subjects. The main story revolves around Cal (Steve Carell) and his wife Emily (Julianne Moose), who, following an affair with a co-worker ( a delightful supporting role played by Kevin Bacon), has decided she wants out of their marriage. Enter Jacob (the <– always super foxy Ryan Gosling), who decides to help Cal get his mojo back by giving him a wardrobe makeover and tutoring him on the fine arts of getting women in bars to go home with you.

Emma Stone is also present as Hannah the law student who meets Jacob at the one bar all the characters in the movie apparently live right near, and isn’t immediately woo’d, thought I can’t for the life of me think how she wasn’t. She’s mostly seen with her douchey boyfriend, who may or may not have a name in the movie, but who is definitely played by Josh Grobin and is actually pretty funny.

There is a completely unnecessary side plot involving Cal and Emily’s son, who at thirteen is “in love” with the 17 year old babysitter who has a slightly creepy crush on Cal. I could’ve done without this whole inappro love triangle shenanigan, thankyouverymuch.

The movie was very venn diagram-ish to me, with Cal as the main character and most of the movie revolving around his relationships with Emily, Jacob and the little-in-love son. Later, (spoiler alert, but not really if you’ve seen any of the previews), we get to see Jacob and Hannah in action. Sadly, there’s not enough of them for my liking.

Love them both!

Besides my wish for there to be more Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in this movie, I thought the plot hummed along nicely and at a very satisfying pace. One plot point that potentially went over my head was the “oh look at this hot pickup artist who is miserable and too emotionally detached to foster a meaningful connection” was too subtle and frankly, a little unbelievable to me. It seemed like Jacob was really having a good time, until it turns out that…he wasn’t.

Crazy, Stupid Love. is still in theaters, but you probably want to get a move on seeing it if you haven’t already. It’s a good date movie (guys love Steve Carell, and there’s a nice bromance here) or girlfriend movie (hi, did you see the picture I so thoughtfully included. You’re welcome), and I found it to be a smart, funny summer flick. Whoever you see it with, get thee to a movie theater!

If you have seen it: what’d ya think? Worth the 10 clams?