The Awards Rundown: Last Minute Predictions

26 Feb

With just a few  hours to go until the 84th Annual Academy Awards are given out, it’s time for a look at the winners! That is, who HAS won already this award season and who WILL win come Oscar night! So, let’s get down to business!

It seems clear that the supporting roles are locked up. Christopher Plummer and Octavia Spencer are riding huge waves, having basically swept their categories across the board so far. Plummer has taken home the  supporting actor award from BAFTA, LA Critics, SAG, the HFPA (Golden Globes) and Spencer snagged supporting actress awards from BAFTA, HFPA and SAG.

The two lead acting categories are a little tricker. Lead actor is likely between Jean Dujardin and G. Cloons, with the edge probably going to Dujardin. Lead actress is even more of an uncertainty, with Meryl and Viola Davis duking it out for the statuette here. Meryl hasn’t won since 1982 with Sophie’s Choice, despite having been nominated 12 times since then (excluding this year’s, the 13th), but the Iron Lady hasn’t gotten the best reception. Viola’s performance in The Help was awesome , but this is her first nomination. So, I’d say it’s up in the air for this one!

One race it”s definitely not up in the air for is best picture. I think The Artist has it the bag, based on the momentum it has coming into the show, and the nostalgia factor. If The Artist wins, it will be the first silent film to pick up the top prize since the first academy awards (Wings, 1927/1928).

Only a few hours until these races are decided! Time to get our red carpet on!

Check back tomorrow for the full Oscar recap!


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