23 Feb

Check out this post from Time Magazine today; these short and sweet soundbites will definitely make you sound like you’ve seen every movie nominated this year!


For many casual moviegoers, watching the Oscars is akin to being a baseball nut who shows up to a Super Bowl party. There are often so many unfamiliar faces, names and films that Hollywood’s biggest night essentially becomes an exercise in patience: When will we finally get to the one category where I have a good sense of who deserves to win?

It’s likely why the halftime show and the advertisements have taken on a major role in the Super Bowl broadcast. No matter what you know about the two teams — or the basic rules of the game — everyone feels comfortable chirping in on what was the funniest ad, or the most embarrassing moment of the over the top halftime production. When it comes to the Oscars, though, there’s nothing of the sort: Apart from a monologue, it’s a long, hard, three-hour slog through technical categories and art…

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