In Theater: Bridesmaids

17 May

So I saw Bridesmaids this weekend (the number 2 movie this weekend, coming in just after last week’s big release, Thor), and I have to say: it was better than all right. Is it a smart, funny movie? Yes. Is it the female version of The Hangover? No. And if that’s what you go in expecting, which I may be guilty of, you might come away a little disappointed.

Sure, Bridesmaids has a lot in common with the Hangover. There’s an impending wedding (obviously). There are NBC stars across the board (Ed Helms in The Hangover, Kristen Wiig and Ellie Kemper in Bridesmaids), there a disgustingly hilarious bout of food poisoning…wait, that last one is just in Bridesmaids, but still; that part is pretty funny.

Don’t get me wrong: this movie has some big laughs. I am a HUGE fan of Kristen Wiig; when SNL eventually loses her to the big screen fulltime, it’ll be a sad day for me.  I think she was awesome in Bridesmaids. Not only does she star in this movie, she also co-wrote it with Annie Mumolo. It’s just…I think, for me, Bridesmaids was confused as to what it wants to be. Does it want to be a funny girlfriend film, or does it want to be a Judd Apatow-ish (who served as producer here) laugh riot?

Despite this multi personality thing I thought Bridesmaids had, I think that overall, it worked. Plus (spoiler alert), Jon Hamm is in it, albeit briefly, which I think makes any and every movie a little better. Also, co-star Melissa McCarthy was a standout in this ensemable, as the sister of Maya Rudulph’s groom, in a Zach Galifinakis-like turn. Am I done with the Hangover references? No, not yet!

Bottom line: this isn’t an estrogen-filled Hangover, despite what the movie’s marketing campaign may have led you to believe. But, if you can appreciate this for what it is, which is a hilarious movie that maybe goes a little too far into crazy protagonist ville, while also being a fairly honest reflection on the dynamics of female relationships (key quote: Maya Rudolph’s bride to be screaming at her best friend “why can’t you just be happy for me then talk behind my back like a normal person??” pretty much sums that up), then I think you’ll like Bridesmaids.  Let’s be serious: it’s the best thing in theaters right now. It has guaranteed laughs, and is a good way to unofficially kick off the summer blockbuster season (a post on which is on the way!)

Have you seen it yet? What’d ya think?


One Response to “In Theater: Bridesmaids”

  1. Ciri May 18, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

    Your comments are spot on. Though, I have to say, I was disappointed at the flow of the movie. It was really funny in the beginning and end. The middle just dragged. I do think it’s because of what you describe though, it doesn’t know exactly what it wants to be. I’m not sure if I’ll watch this again but I’d definitely reference sections of it later. And this might be one of those movies that gets better with watches, for me at least.

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