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I’ll never let go…of the chance to milk some $$ from moviegoers?

19 May

As you may have seen, Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox announced today that 1997 Best Picture winner and 2nd highest grossing film of all time, Titanic, will be re-released in 3D next year. The release will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the sailing of Titanic (April 1oth).

According to director James Cameron (who also directed the highest grossing film of all time, Avatar), seeing the film is 3D will be an “epic” experience.

Call me jaded, but seriously? This movie, while a great one and something I will almost always watch on TBS or USA whenever it’s on, will have been first released over 14 years prior by the time the re-release comes out. And instead of the $6.50 a ticket cost in 1997 (or the nearly $40 I personally panned out, as my 14 year old self saw it 6 times in the theater), we’ll likely have to shell out $15+ to take in the Titanic experience…again. I’m especially skeptical of the nesecity of a 3D conversion, but I’ve made that known previously. I guess Fox/Paramount/Cameron needed a better reason that the 100th anniversary of the sailing/sinking to put the movie out again.

I’m not entirely convinced I’ll make it back to the theater for this, but I will grudgingly admit that this will likely reign in a whole new generation of Titanic fans. After all, it IS based on what I think is one of the most fascinating and tragic historical events to ever have happened.

Are you excited for this 3D conversion? Will you see it in theaters, even if just for old times sake or to drool over Leo as he once was? Do share!

In Theater: Bridesmaids

17 May

So I saw Bridesmaids this weekend (the number 2 movie this weekend, coming in just after last week’s big release, Thor), and I have to say: it was better than all right. Is it a smart, funny movie? Yes. Is it the female version of The Hangover? No. And if that’s what you go in expecting, which I may be guilty of, you might come away a little disappointed.

Sure, Bridesmaids has a lot in common with the Hangover. There’s an impending wedding (obviously). There are NBC stars across the board (Ed Helms in The Hangover, Kristen Wiig and Ellie Kemper in Bridesmaids), there a disgustingly hilarious bout of food poisoning…wait, that last one is just in Bridesmaids, but still; that part is pretty funny.

Don’t get me wrong: this movie has some big laughs. I am a HUGE fan of Kristen Wiig; when SNL eventually loses her to the big screen fulltime, it’ll be a sad day for me.  I think she was awesome in Bridesmaids. Not only does she star in this movie, she also co-wrote it with Annie Mumolo. It’s just…I think, for me, Bridesmaids was confused as to what it wants to be. Does it want to be a funny girlfriend film, or does it want to be a Judd Apatow-ish (who served as producer here) laugh riot?

Despite this multi personality thing I thought Bridesmaids had, I think that overall, it worked. Plus (spoiler alert), Jon Hamm is in it, albeit briefly, which I think makes any and every movie a little better. Also, co-star Melissa McCarthy was a standout in this ensemable, as the sister of Maya Rudulph’s groom, in a Zach Galifinakis-like turn. Am I done with the Hangover references? No, not yet!

Bottom line: this isn’t an estrogen-filled Hangover, despite what the movie’s marketing campaign may have led you to believe. But, if you can appreciate this for what it is, which is a hilarious movie that maybe goes a little too far into crazy protagonist ville, while also being a fairly honest reflection on the dynamics of female relationships (key quote: Maya Rudolph’s bride to be screaming at her best friend “why can’t you just be happy for me then talk behind my back like a normal person??” pretty much sums that up), then I think you’ll like Bridesmaids.  Let’s be serious: it’s the best thing in theaters right now. It has guaranteed laughs, and is a good way to unofficially kick off the summer blockbuster season (a post on which is on the way!)

Have you seen it yet? What’d ya think?

Filming in Boston: Ted!

4 May

**UPDATE 5/18** So I’m driving in to work today, and see a bunch of trucks, trailers and food service trucks. The next person I walk by has a Ted badge on; lucky for me, the cast and crew is shooting right down the street from where I work in South Boston at Lucky’s Lounge!

My friend Matt was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time (with his handy iPhone!), and snagged these shots of Mila Kunis and Joel McHale!

Courtesy of Matt Giordano

Courtesy of Matt Giordano

And here are some shots from the set, minus the stars.

End update =)

One of Boston’s favorite sons is back in town to film a new movie! If you’ve been hanging around  Tremont Street and Columbus Avenue the last few days, you might’ve caught a glimpse of Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Joel McHale, Laura Vandervoort (my girl Lisa on V) and Seth MacFarlane!

They’re in town to film the MacFarlane-directed flick Ted, which, according to IMDB, is a “story centered on a man and his teddy bear, who comes to life as the result of a childhood wish.” Tentatively set to be released next July, I’m not 100% convinced this will be on the 2012 Oscar ballot, but hey, you never know!!/LooVandervoort/status/65187192846286848

Check out some photos from the “set” (aka the streets of Boston around the South End.):

Courtesy of, taken by Kayana Szymczak for The Boston Globe

Courtesy of Zimbio, photo by Bauer Griffin