83 Days until the 83rd Academy Awards!

7 Dec

Today marks a special milestone in the Oscar countdown: we only have 83 days left until the 83rd annual Academy Award ceremony occurs on February 27th!  With 83 days to go, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has created a very cool countdown microsite: its honoring years 1-82 of the awards, one a day, until the 2011 show.  Today, the Academy invites us to experience the first Academy Awards, which took place in May of 1929, and honored films that were released from August 1927 through August 1928.

Along with details about each ceremony, there are also fun facts on the site.  Some of my favorites are:

  • The event was held a full three months after the winners had already been announced.
  • The first year, awards could be for a single achievement, for several achievements, or for the whole body of work during the year; for example, actress Janet Gaynor won Best Actress for her work in three films: “7th Heaven,” “Street Angel,” and “Sunrise.”
  • For the first and only time, the Academy gave awards for both dramatic direction (Frank Borzage for “7th Heaven”) and comedy direction (Lewis Milestone for “Two Arabian Knights”).

I won’t be chronicling every day of the countdown here, but you should definitely check it out for cool historical details of the awards!

(All material and facts are from the Academy’s countdown site, which will be updated every day until the awards: http://www.oscars.org/countdown/index.html.  You can also follow the Academy on Twitter here: @TheAcademy!)

Now, we only have to wait seven weeks from today to find out the nominees for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards! Who else is excited??


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