The Scariest Movie of All Time?

29 Oct

Mike of Beardy Lollipop fame very generously agreed to lend his opinion on an age old question: what is the scariest movie ever made?  Not only is Mike a horror movie connoisseur with a special love for all things zombie, he even wrote his own zombie homage song, sung to none other than Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. (Don’t believe me?  This’ll show you!) Check out Mike’s nominee for what should be on your Halloween watch list…

If I told you that this year’s must see horror movie had more to do with Thanksgiving than Halloween you’d probably call me a turkey.

Well to that I say, “Gobble-Gobble Mo’ Fo’!”

If you’re an odd bird like me, you already know I’m talking about ThanksKilling. Made for under $3,500, this flick is a no-budget throwback to the likes of Ed Wood, Rick Sloane and classic B-Movies that end up on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The story involves a cursed fowl-mouthed turkey that is unleashed from the pen every five-hundred years to seek revenge for the mistreatment of Native Americans. In schlocky horror movie fashion, the only people capable of stopping this dirty bird happen to be an eclectic mix of college students running the gamut of clichés: slut, jock, nerd, fat guy and goodie two-shoes. Obviously, you’re not going to watch this movie for the story.

Taking a page from classics like Child’s Play, Puppet Master, Critters, Ghoulies, the ill-mannered villain, in case the turkey, is the standout. The turkey is a sight to behold. It’s nothing more than a sock puppet, possibly Lamb Chop’s diabolical feathered cousin. During the course of the film, turkey masterfully handles human-sized weaponry, takes out a topless Pilgrim, engages in some *ahem* stuffing and manages to pass himself along as a human being with the help of a Groucho Marx getup.

If you’re hanging out with some friends this Halloween, few movies will have you laughing as hard as ThanksKilling. This is B-movie making at its best. File ThanksKilling under “A Great Stuffing.” It’s now available through Netflix streaming,, iTunes and a number of cable providers.

As an added bonus, you can check out turkey’s potty-mouthed ramblings on Twitter.


2 Responses to “The Scariest Movie of All Time?”

  1. Laura October 29, 2010 at 3:39 pm #

    incredible because this simultaneously scares you and makes you hungry for a turkey sandwich.


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