3Do or 3Don’t?

2 Oct

So as you may have seen, George Lucas announced this week that he plans to rerelease all six Star Wars movies in 3D.  Ahhh, 3D. It seems like every movie that has a big open is in 3D. Whether Disney Digital or whatever other options there are, the 3D machine is hard to get away from, especially with animated movies.  When I saw Toy Story 3 (which itself was widely released in 3D, though I didn’t see it in 3D) in August, every.single.movie. was in 3D. All of them—Megamind, Alpha and Omega, and Legend of the Guardian (and another one, that I can’t remember but was definitely in 3D!)

What is up with this?  Is entertainment really so unentertaining that we need it to literally jump off the screen?  I don’t know about you, but when I pay upwards of $10 to see a (regular, non-3D, non-iMAX) movie, I prefer the suspension of disbelief of a good story and acting than getting hit in the face by animated characters jumping off the screen all.  I recognize the novelty in it; I’ve shelled out the extra $5-10 to see Avatar and Alice and Wonderland, but I definitely don’t want to shell out the 3D fee every time I go to see a movie!

Which brings us to 3D televisions.  Look, I have a big ass flat screen TV, and my boyfriend has been told we’re not getting another TV until is age reaches the number of inches of this tv (which gives him a solid 25 years to go).  Do I really need the TV manufacturers to be rubbing new, stupid technology is his face? Don’t they know that women around the world now have to deal with constant pleas for a 3D TV?  And seriously, that can’t be good for your eyes.  Let’s just put it this way—if my TV is not going to pop Taye Diggs into my living room to sit next to me on my couch, I’m so not interested.

And this is why I think the 3D thing is a fad, that is rising in popularity, to eventually fall from favor and end—hopefully before millions of people shell out the big bucks for these TVs.

Will you go see Star Wars in 3D?  What do you think about the 3D TVs, would you ever buy one?  Share your 3D thoughts in the comments!

Update: And Toshiba just announced today (10/4) that it is set to sell 3D TVs that don’t require glasses to view.  With a 12 inch screen costing upwards of $1,440 (plus the cost of a trip to Japan, where the TVs are being sold), I think I’ll have to pass on this one =)


3 Responses to “3Do or 3Don’t?”

  1. Nick October 3, 2010 at 11:04 am #

    All content in this post about my lock-down on TV buying is in fact true. Although I probably would not look into buying a 3D TV if i did not have this wonderful one i already have. I feel that the 3D TV will eventually be shown to cause eye problems and other bad news for your eyes. Great post Katie!

  2. Annemarie October 3, 2010 at 5:50 pm #

    I agree on the Taye Diggs front. And I generally agree with this post. It can’t be that cool to be worth the $$$. And since we spend all our money on micro-brews, white truffle oil and saffron over at Our Delectable Life (shameless plug) I’d say we’ll be holding off on any kind of 3d for awhile.

    As far as the movies…I don’t think there’s any need for the AMOUNT of 3d. It’s a little insane and unnecessary. I’m hoping it will pass.

    Also, the best thing I’ve watched on your crazy big TV was the show about prison inmates…and I’m happy I didn’t see any of the weaponry (aka shanks) in 3D 🙂


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    […] experience…again. I’m especially skeptical of the nesecity of a 3D conversion, but I’ve made that known previously. I guess Fox/Paramount/Cameron needed a better reason that the 100th anniversary of the […]

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