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The Scariest Movie of All Time?

29 Oct

Mike of Beardy Lollipop fame very generously agreed to lend his opinion on an age old question: what is the scariest movie ever made?  Not only is Mike a horror movie connoisseur with a special love for all things zombie, he even wrote his own zombie homage song, sung to none other than Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. (Don’t believe me?  This’ll show you!) Check out Mike’s nominee for what should be on your Halloween watch list…

If I told you that this year’s must see horror movie had more to do with Thanksgiving than Halloween you’d probably call me a turkey.

Well to that I say, “Gobble-Gobble Mo’ Fo’!”

If you’re an odd bird like me, you already know I’m talking about ThanksKilling. Made for under $3,500, this flick is a no-budget throwback to the likes of Ed Wood, Rick Sloane and classic B-Movies that end up on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The story involves a cursed fowl-mouthed turkey that is unleashed from the pen every five-hundred years to seek revenge for the mistreatment of Native Americans. In schlocky horror movie fashion, the only people capable of stopping this dirty bird happen to be an eclectic mix of college students running the gamut of clichés: slut, jock, nerd, fat guy and goodie two-shoes. Obviously, you’re not going to watch this movie for the story.

Taking a page from classics like Child’s Play, Puppet Master, Critters, Ghoulies, the ill-mannered villain, in case the turkey, is the standout. The turkey is a sight to behold. It’s nothing more than a sock puppet, possibly Lamb Chop’s diabolical feathered cousin. During the course of the film, turkey masterfully handles human-sized weaponry, takes out a topless Pilgrim, engages in some *ahem* stuffing and manages to pass himself along as a human being with the help of a Groucho Marx getup.

If you’re hanging out with some friends this Halloween, few movies will have you laughing as hard as ThanksKilling. This is B-movie making at its best. File ThanksKilling under “A Great Stuffing.” It’s now available through Netflix streaming,, iTunes and a number of cable providers.

As an added bonus, you can check out turkey’s potty-mouthed ramblings on Twitter.

She’s Hard-Hearted Hannah…

27 Oct


So, if my title is at all misleading, I just returned from a lovely 4 day trip to Savannah, Georgia.  This is my second time visiting the Peach State, and I have to tell you, it was great–lots to see, do and EAT.  There’s really something to the idea of awesome southern food, and Savannah didn’t disappoint.

Since you’re (probably) not here to read about my fabolous vacation, Savannah does have several movie connections, the most obvious one being Forrest Gump. This multiple Oscar winner (including Best Picture, Actor and Director) was partial shot in Savannah. In fact, the bench that Forrest narrated his story from was located in Chippewa Square, one of Savannah’s pristine park-like squares throughout the city!

Here’s Chippewa Square when Forrest was there…

And here it was this past weekend, when I was there!

Obviously, the major difference is the lack of bench.  According to IMDB, “Chippewa Square, the setting for the famous bench scene, does not actually have any benches on the outside of the square that faces the street, only inside the square. The bench was placed there for that scene only by the production team.”  The bench from the movie is located in a museum here in Savannah, but you get the idea even without it!

Another major film landmark was the Mercer Williams House, which was featured prominently in the movie and book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  Here it is:

And again:

I’ve yet to see the movie, but I just finished the book and I really liked it!

What’s your favorite real-life movie location? Anyone take a movie tour in a city?  I know Boston and NY both have things like that!

In Theater: The Social Network

19 Oct

Now that  The Social Network has been dethroned (by Jackass 3D of all things) from the # 1 spot at the box office, it’s probably overdue for a discussion here on Oscartini!  Having grossed almost $80 mil worldwide since its debut, this movie is clearly resonating with viewers.  As most know, TSN  is (obviously) based on the founding of Facebook, or, the founding of Facebook as portrayed by the Ben Mezrich novel, The Accidental Billionaires.  These are totally NOT the same things. Knowing that in advance, I went in expecting to be entertained, and the movie succeeded on that front.  Keeping with the Facebook theme, I had definite Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: The acting was phenom.  So good, that the producers of the film are rumored to be mounting 3 campaigns for Best Supporting Actor, for Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake (who was awesome, but I’d still like another album out of him, please!) and Armie Hammer (who played BOTH Winklevoss twins, a feat not done so well since Lindsay Lohan in the Parent Trap).  I also thought Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of the Zuck was awesome—understated, but still enormously effective.  Leaving the theater, I thought “It must be hard, being smarter than everyone else around you,” which was probably intended by Aaron Sorkin and co.

The writing was also a high point for me—the dialogue was fast and furious, and really conveyed what I imagine was the raw excitement over creating something bound to be huge.  I was also a fan of the music; the soundtrack expertly reflected the action of the movie at any given time, and was pulled together by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

Dislikes: I thought the movie dragged to places, particularly in the transitions between the present and past.  And though I did really like the writing, I thought Mark Zuckerberg was really portrayed as a jerk, which I didn’t like since I felt his “side” was never really looked at (nor was it in the book the movie is based on).

I also wish there would have been more about the impact of Facebook, even around its founding.  But I guess this will have to be fodder for a different movie, since it wasn’t really looked at here.

So overall, I’d say I liked The Social Network for what it was: an entertaining perspective on the founding of a cultural phenomenon, complete with the drama and betrayal that makes for a good dramatic story.  As for Oscar buzz, it’s absolutely there; most critics are viewing The Social Network as a telling social commentary of today’s generation, which I agree with to the extent that it was illuminated in the film, but the consensus seems to be that The Social Network has a Best Picture nom in its future.

So, what did you think of TSN?  If you haven’t seen it, has the hype sufficiently worn you down so you will?

Oscartini’s 1st Giveaway: Win Beauty and the Beast!

5 Oct

Today is a very special day, for being the first Tuesday in October.  Why, you may ask? Well, because the Disney Vault, that holder of movies gone forever (or, more likely, a few years to drum up demand, whatever) has opened and released…Beauty and the Beast. Restored. In HD. With a sing along option.  Is your mind blown yet?

Which leads us to…Oscartini’s first movie giveaway!  Not only is Beauty and the Beast an excellent, classic Disney movie, it is the first of only two animated films to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture (the other being Up in 2009, and likely joined by Toy Story 3 from this year.)

To enter, just leave your favorite song from the movie in the comment section below. For an extra entry, you can also tweet this post, making sure to tag me (@KDespres) in the tweet.  Only 1 extra entry per person, but if you really want to spread the Twitter love, feel free!

I’ll randomly pick a winner next Tuesday, 10/12, so get your entries in!

Oh, and if you’re curious…

Good luck!


UPDATE: We have a winner, and it’s…






Congrats, Dee, your copy of Beauty and the Beast is in the mail!

3Do or 3Don’t?

2 Oct

So as you may have seen, George Lucas announced this week that he plans to rerelease all six Star Wars movies in 3D.  Ahhh, 3D. It seems like every movie that has a big open is in 3D. Whether Disney Digital or whatever other options there are, the 3D machine is hard to get away from, especially with animated movies.  When I saw Toy Story 3 (which itself was widely released in 3D, though I didn’t see it in 3D) in August, was in 3D. All of them—Megamind, Alpha and Omega, and Legend of the Guardian (and another one, that I can’t remember but was definitely in 3D!)

What is up with this?  Is entertainment really so unentertaining that we need it to literally jump off the screen?  I don’t know about you, but when I pay upwards of $10 to see a (regular, non-3D, non-iMAX) movie, I prefer the suspension of disbelief of a good story and acting than getting hit in the face by animated characters jumping off the screen all.  I recognize the novelty in it; I’ve shelled out the extra $5-10 to see Avatar and Alice and Wonderland, but I definitely don’t want to shell out the 3D fee every time I go to see a movie!

Which brings us to 3D televisions.  Look, I have a big ass flat screen TV, and my boyfriend has been told we’re not getting another TV until is age reaches the number of inches of this tv (which gives him a solid 25 years to go).  Do I really need the TV manufacturers to be rubbing new, stupid technology is his face? Don’t they know that women around the world now have to deal with constant pleas for a 3D TV?  And seriously, that can’t be good for your eyes.  Let’s just put it this way—if my TV is not going to pop Taye Diggs into my living room to sit next to me on my couch, I’m so not interested.

And this is why I think the 3D thing is a fad, that is rising in popularity, to eventually fall from favor and end—hopefully before millions of people shell out the big bucks for these TVs.

Will you go see Star Wars in 3D?  What do you think about the 3D TVs, would you ever buy one?  Share your 3D thoughts in the comments!

Update: And Toshiba just announced today (10/4) that it is set to sell 3D TVs that don’t require glasses to view.  With a 12 inch screen costing upwards of $1,440 (plus the cost of a trip to Japan, where the TVs are being sold), I think I’ll have to pass on this one =)