Short and Sweet: Eclipse and Toy Story 3

23 Aug

So far, out of the 5 must see summer movies I posted at the beginning of July, I’ve seen 3. Inception got its own post, but Eclipse and Toy Story slipped through the cracks. A TRAVESTY!

Not exactly…but I thought I’d put up a short and sweet recap of these two!

Eclipse: What can I say, the Twilight movies just keep getting better…, which, if you saw the first one, shouldn’t come as surprise, as it was TERRIBLE.  As the franchise continues to rake in the dollars, the quality of the movies increases.  No coincidence there, I think. Regardless of this, I was still psyched to see it, for three reasons: 1) I’m a huge Twilight dork and Eclipse is my favorite of the books, 2) I saw Eclipse at the Lux Level, which is my favorite/the only way to see a movie and 3) I was lucky enough to see it with two of my besties, Ashley and Annemarie.

Me, Annemarie and Ashley living it up in the Lux Level!

Toy Story 3: Was amazing. Straight up, awesome. Definitely a lock for Best Animated Picture and a sue thing to be nominated for best picture. If you haven’t see this yet, SEE IT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE, you won’t regret it.  It’s been asolid 10 years since I’ve seen Toy Story 1 or 2, but I had a nice nostalgia wave going on watching Woody and Buzz and the gang. Not only was it heartfelt and genuine, but I was really funny too.  Not in a Shrek, only adults will get it way, but in a legitimately funny for all way that was refreshing for an animated movie.

If I had to give one of these movies a win over the other, Toy Story 3 absolutely gets the upper hand (even though Robert Pattinson is much hotter than any of the toys.

Next up on my summer movie must sees: Eat Pray Love (which I’m going to see next Wednesday with the lovely Erica) and Going the Distance (looks like a boyfriend friendly movie!)

What movies are you looking forward to seeing that are coming out soon (ish)? Check out Oscatini’s Coming Soon page if you need inspiration, those are my picks over the next few months!


2 Responses to “Short and Sweet: Eclipse and Toy Story 3”

  1. jessica maria August 24, 2010 at 2:14 pm #

    I hate myself for STILL not having seen Toy Story 3! (Slapping forehead)

    PS Thanks for the FF on Twitter!


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    […] also saw the movie in the best possible way: with some of my fav fellow Potterphile friends, in the Lux Level. Me, Annemarie and Julie. Hey Harry, Sorry Voldemort's trying to kill […]

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