Breaking News: Breaking Dawn

3 Aug

This just in: everyone’s favorite werewolf/vampire/awkward human love triangle (obviously Breaking Dawn part 2) will be released on 11/16/2010, just over a year after the first installment, which makes its way to theaters on 11/11/11.

With the most recent third movie in the Twilight franchise Eclipse having grossed over $600 million worldwide since its release in June, I think these movies will do just fine, if even they are a year and 2 away. I will likely go and see both (though I can safely predict neither will be as Oscar reviews!)

What about you?  Will your Twilight interest still be going strong when Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 finally come out?


One Response to “Breaking News: Breaking Dawn”

  1. Jenna August 4, 2010 at 11:59 am #

    Could I BE more excited about Breaking Dawn? Obviously the answer is NO!!!


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