Weekend Watchings De Lux

2 Jul

Happy Fourth of July weekend! The weather is supposed to be awesome in the Boston area, and best of all, the weekend is L-O-N-G! First up for me this weekend is seeing Eclipse, which I am so beyond excited about!  Not only am I seeing it with two of my best girlfriends, but we’re seeing it at a Showcase Cinema De Lux (their spelling, not mind)! Now, unlike Chunky’s, where I saw Sex and The City 2, Cinema De Lux is a separate seating area reserved for 21+ only. Similar to Chunky’s, you can order food and drinks brought right to your seat at the push of a button—AMAZING!  Another De Lux perk is that you can choose your seats (which are big and leather and super comfy) when you purchase a ticket online or in the theater.  For the last 2 Twilight movies, my friend Annemarie and I were able to avoid the screaming teenyboppers rush for seats and sip on martinis while watching; I mean, what’s better than that? This is probably my favorite thing about seeing movies here; especially for new pictures that are likely to sell out, you don’t have to worry about not getting a seat, or getting a bad seat (front row, anyone?).  And today, Annemarie and I are introducing Ashley to the De Lux lifestyle too!

A De Lux Hostess sits inside the theater with a cocktail and some food. (Courtesy of the Boston Herald)

After the excitement that is Eclipse, I have a post almost ready to go up about The Hurt Locker, the 2009 Best Picture Winner.  Did you know that The Hurt Locker is the lowest grossing Best Picture Oscar winner, adjusted for inflation (with a box office take of $14 million) according to IMDB. Me neither!

See you after the long weekend! Be safe =)


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    […] 4 Jul OK, I’ll come out and say it: war movies are not my favorite. They’re usually big and brassy and full of explosions.They glorify war and are usually panned by veterans and our service men and women as being unrealistic and ridiculous. Which is why I actually liked The Hurt Locker a lot. It is subtle and as understated a war movie I’ve ever seen.  When it won Best Picture back in March, it’s safe to say it hadn’t been seen by nearly as many people as Avatar or Up, and is in fact the lowest grossing Best Picture winner, as I mentioned in my last post. […]

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    […] work tomorrow (hello, real life), and, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a BIG fan of the Lux Level for major premieres like this, and as such, have already bought my tickets, chosen my (luxurious, […]

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    […] (I couldn’t tell, I was ready for this ish to be over). Apparently, another lux level patron (where I was obviously sitting) was having a “medical emergency” and the movie would be restarted once that situation […]

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