Weekend Watchings

7 May

With an empty weekend in front of me, I have so many movie options!  After wading through my Friday night DVR (V, Modern Family and The Office), I’m going to try to find Ironman, which I’ve never seen.  Mini rant time: speaking of FINDING movies that you’ve never seen, I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with getting and watching movies.  For the Oscar winners, most of them aren’t super in demand (except for the last few years’ winners) and are pretty easy to come by on Netflix on demand or at the library.  But for newer movies that aren’t super new, like Ironman, the options are pretty limited.  It’s not at Redbox, it’s not likely to be on TV or cable on demand and I’ll bet I have a hard time finding it at Blockbuster.  Plus, I want to watch it right now, so no waiting on Netflix, and it’s not available to view right away.  The only other options? Buy it from Target or Best Buy, rent it from iTunes or hope someone I know has it and is willing to lend it out.

These options all have their obvious drawbacks.  Even if I were to brave the local Blockbuster (which, according to this article from Bloomburg Businessweek, likely won’t be an option for much longer) what are the chances that a movie who’s sequel is coming out that very day will be available??

Ok, enough of that!  I’ll probably spring the $3.99 and rent it on iTunes.  Hopefully I can find it somewhere, and then see Ironman 2 with the awesome Robert Downey Jr. (Trailer from YouTube)

Also on tap for this weekend, catching Betty White on SNL, booking an October tip for a girl’s weekend in Savannah GA and a blog post on 1996’s Best Picture, The English Patient, starring Ralph Fiennes.  This will be the first of a few Oscar winners starring Ralph (Schindler’s List, The Hurt Locker), and coincidentally, the first movie I watched (Shakespeare in Love) starred the younger Fiennes brother Joseph.  What a fienne start for OscarTini!  Yes, I went there =)


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